Aim and Content


TURKBITIG Journal of Cultural Studies aims to ensure the discussion of recent informations and findings related to the topics in the field of Turcology in general and especially social science such as culture, literature and language, and to be a qualified academic media in the direction of scientific and ethical principles. The journal is a supervised international scientific e-journal which is established in order to bring together the original articles created with innovative perspectives, including new findings, theories and documents such as research, analysis, criticism, presentation and interview that are mentioned in the above field.


TURKBITIG Journal of Cultural Studies; Folklore, Old Turkish Literature, New Turkish Literature, Turkish Language, Comparative Literature, Turkish Islamic Literature research or compilation articles, translations, book introductions, compilations, criticism and interview articles related to the fields are included. Attention is taken to ensure that the articles which will be published in the journal are unique and of a quality that will be contribute to the field.